Giedrė Kvedaravičienė

Ms. Giedre Kvedaraviciene, EMBA, is a professional C level health care manager with good knowledge of medical biotech industry. She is an international business developer and networker, the alumni of the USA government funded IVLP program (2008), board member of the American chamber of commerce in Lithuania and a PhD student of economics at Vytautas Magnus University.


Ms Kvedaraviciene’s primary interest is in fostering dissemination of innovations in practice and building effective partnerships between the academia, business and society for faster and more efficient economic value generation from applied sciences, especially for biomedical and ICT based solutions.


Previous experience includes FMCG, trade and service industries, leadership of several industrial business associations, which allows MS Kvedaraviciene to bring diverse and deep insights from the practice back to academia on innovation related  issues: practical implications of regulative framework, risk and return on investment perceptions, demand and market (social) acceptability of novel concepts and technologies analysis.


Given the sensitivity of the healthcare sector in regards to changes brought by the developments in biotech and ICT, Ms Kvedaraviciene believes that timely development of though in legal ethics and, consequently, regulative environment adjustments is of critical importance for achieving successful innovation in healthcare, as well as all other social and economic areas of the human society.