Edvinas Samys

Edvinas Samys is head of Communication and technology transfer center and experienced project manager.
He is expertise in University-business collaboration, legal and economic support for University scientists and students to commercialize innovative products or services, create targeted new business, create, and implement projects. He has a deep knowledge in providing help in all stages of start-up life span: creating innovation, pitching, launching company, promoting product, managing team, attracting investment, collecting benefits. He has a personal experience and interest in the areas of incubating entrepreneurial spinoffs or other start-up companies’. Main research interests: entrepreneurial skills and competences, corporate finance. These skills and knowledge helping to provide most effective information for online tools, to enhance participants’ skills in business development areas and project management. His more than 9 years’ experience and expertise in leading and management various projects – international: Erasmus+, FP7, H2020, local: infrastructure, R&D can provide help in all stages of project’s creation and implementation.